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A little bit about me

I'm a M.Sc, B.Eng of Telco and Electronics from Poland who graduated both of his degree on Military University of Technology in Warsaw, Poland. Now doing the packet core telco jobs around EMEAR (Europe MiddleEast Africa and Russia) area for Tier1 operators. I've created this blog to help myself as others gaining knowledge on LTE/4G and beyond. Hope that it will be, or maybe even was, useful to You.

I was born in 1986, in Poland, with polar bears and Russian tanks. After we get rid of them, I mean Russians, because there is always a chance to meet polar bear(joking!), I went to high school, and after that I moved out to Warsaw to take the University classes, but I mentioned that few lines earlier.
When I'm not onsite I live in Warsaw, Poland. Every time I'm leaving Poland, I'm leaving there also my fiancee, and cat. I hate that, but the way how I work it's just temporary.
Recently I have moved to Prague, Czech Republic, with my wife because of new work opportunity.
If anyone of you would like to contact me do not hesitate, you can find me under bart [at] lte and beyond [dot] com.

I'm interested in IT, Telco with special emphasis on packet networks, but I also like to read casual books and science/math/physics articles published on Slashdot.com, or any where else.
Last one that I found amusing was named How to Gamble If You're In a Hurry (there is a download section on the right, where is pdf published with math stuff), it was like in Nov 2011, before I was sent to Hungary. Now, after my job duties and doing the Skype with my fiance, there is not so many time left for searching the web.
I will try to update this page to make it look how it should be.

As you can see English is not my native language, and my wish is if any of you spot something disturbing in spelling, grammar or also will have doubts as to the substantive content please feel free to write them in comment or let me know about this by email. I will double check it, and be more cautious when publishing new posts.
You could also find me on my and LinkedIn. Feel free to invite or follow.