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Dec 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

To you all - Happy New 2013!
All the best in New Year, for you, your families and close ones.

Have a good time. Regards,
Bart Barton

P.S. Come back for more of LTE/EPC shortly ;-)

Dec 20, 2012

Resource: filtering, principles, measurements durring HO, and more on Radio part

Yesterday I found good resource on multiple LTE Radio topics covered by one site.
To Whom it may concern.


Multiple LTE Radio topics

• How Handover Filtering by UE in LT?
• Handover principles and Handover measurements in LTE
• Handover Algorithm and Procedure in LTE
• What is AMC & its Algorithm in LTE  
• How UE Switch to Service types in LTE?
• PLMN selection in “IDEL Mode” for LTE-UE
• and much more from radio side

Dec 8, 2012

EPS Mobility Management (EMM) and Connection Management (ECM) states

The EPS Mobility Management (EMM) states describe the Mobility Management states that result from the mobility management procedures e.g. Attach and Tracking Area Update procedures.
There are two EMM states described in Specs:

The EPS Connection Management (ECM) states describe the signalling connectivity between the UE and the EPC.
There are two ECM states described in Specs:

In general, the ECM and EMM states are independent of each other. Transition from EMM-REGISTERED to EMM-DEREGISTERED can occur regardless of the ECM state, e.g. by explicit detach signalling in ECM-CONNECTED or by implicit detach locally in the MME during ECM-IDLE. However there are some relations, e.g. to transition from EMM-DEREGISTERED to EMM-REGISTERED the UE has to be in the ECM-CONNECTED state.