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Sep 17, 2021

Guess who is going to cover the 5G Core for you

 Hey Team, Guys, Everyone,

I has been way to much time since last time I wrote something meaningful here, apologies for that.

Many things have changed in my life since 2013 when this website was still working. I got a new job with end of 2013. I was creating the history by virtualizing Telecom industry. The same thing that you all are probably doing now.

Then even bigger player showed up on my horizon and after changing a job last year I started working with the 5G Core, and this is exactly why I'm here announcing what I'm announcing. ;-)

It took me way longer than it should to start addressing the 5G topic here with us, for me and for you all here. Now I'm here to fix it!

There is new G in town and this makes us go back to the learning board to know him better.
For that I recommend you to put your ship course to https://5gcoreandbeyond.com/ where we are going to cover the 5G Core and beyond - exactly as we had done it in the future.

Except the 5G Core I hope to also cover there bits of Cloud specifically Azure, but also K8s and AKS. As last time - I'm not an expert on all of those, but I'm happy for the journey of becoming one. I have a feeling it is going to be a blast comparing to which the LTE and beyond was a child's play.

Onwards and Upwards! Simply Onwards and Upwards!

To close this entry few more information that are related more to how it will be organized now:

  • This website will be kept online and will be used to share links to my new blog
  • New blog is not live yet, but soon will be, so please stay tuned!
  • There are few other domains pointing to new place, I have not decided yet how it will be called officially. The 5G Core and beyond sounds bit long to me personally...
    • Will share more domains when I'll be ready with them
  • In case you want to reach out to me directly please find me on the LinkedIn

Thanks and hope all is fine on your ends,