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Jan 2, 2014

New year, another year online!

Hi everyone!,
It has been 2 years since the blog is up and running, or it will be in exactly 4 days from now. ;-)

Few things has changed during this time in my private life, I have definitely moved forward with what I'm doing for living, and definitely running this blog helped me to evolve.

Your comments and inputs to whatever I'm posting keeps me up to speed and motivated. Anyone of them is important to me, thanks for everything. With few of you I'm having conversations on telecom topics on monthly basis. Thanks for your trust in me.
Thanks for all your questions and for the opportunities to help in problems you had. Solving those also pushed me forward.

If you have any questions or propositions I could take into consideration to write about simply let me know.

Hope you will stick with me next 2 years or even longer.

Wish you all great 2014, success at work and ample of energy to self improve.

Regards, Cheers!,
Bart Barton

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