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Oct 29, 2020

Long time no see - let us try to change it!

 Hey Team,

It is a very long time since we seen each other on those pages.

At end of 2013, I've joined a company that was on the edge of the change in telecoms and it was terribly hard to keep up with the work there. Luckily currently things are changing and the environment is becoming more organized. I hope my life will get stabilized because of it.

During those years I moved towards IT more than I ever wanted. I believe we all either experienced it or we see where the telecom is heading.

If you would ask me that 2-3 years ago I would point Openstack as a future, but currently I personally see Openstack as a bloated solution that had an opportunity to just merge in telecoms but this didn't happen.
Saying it simply: This ship has sailed away.

Microservices, do you speak it?

On the other note, telecom has also changed, and it's not the 4G/LTE anymore, it's all about the 5G, and with 5G huge changes are coming, because of which I personally think solutions like Openstack will not be adopted.
The architecture of the solutions has changed, and if it has not with the Vendors you are working with then I have bad news - you are working with a solution that is not really state of the art for 2020.

Microservices are the new cool kids and every want (or at least they should) to play with them. 

I've moved many of my skills towards Cloud and I advise you to do the same. Currently, I'm preparing for the Azure Architect certifications in the other spare time I have left I polish my Kubernetes.

So what are we going to do now?

Due to all of the above, I think the future of this blog will change and we are going to be more focused on the IT side of things like PaaS components.
Another point to this is that I will not be creating as much content as it was in the past. I grew old and I'm tired - joking, I'm only 34 when posting this. Although there are better people in the Cloud or Microservices field than I am or will ever be. Therefore I'm going to link more items to interesting publications than create them myself.

This includes courses I do on Udemy, articles I read on the Internet or YouTube videos that I find worth watching. All will be focused on the 5G and Microservice.

You can still find me on the LinkedIn.

Have a great day and God bless!



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