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Dec 29, 2016

Juniper QFX running on ESXi

Because of my day to day job I'm spinning around networking more and more. Which is not that bad if you ask me. Up until some time ago I was, and I think it's not only me, taking routing/switching for granted - yet another transport layer.
The more I'm getting into it.. it stays as boring as it always was. (joke, but it's boring)

No matter how your views on R/S are recently I found something worth sharing. To be honest, almost each day I'm seeing something from Juniper worth sharing, therefore there will be more resources/links posted here.

Now, in case you haven't noticed, Telecom market is turning towards virtualized solutions. Currently I'm a happy guy as I'm part of the Affirmed Networks, leader in virtaulizing telecoms.
This is also a reason more and more resources will be about boring IT, because virtualization is an IT thing for what 10-15 years by now probably, rather than virtual telecom.

Today I want to share post where David is showing how to run Juniper QFX on ESXi.
This might be useful if you dont have enough to spend on physical appliance of QFX to start fooling around.


Mar 22, 2016

LTE EPC Technology Essentials - Workshop

Few days ago one of my colleagues, Hussien Mahmoud, made slide deck. He shared this slide deck with everyone, I'm here just re-sharing it with you, it's really worth it. All 157 (sic!) packed with knowledge slides, with quality graphics that shows the most important.

Has anyone of you ever tried chicken consomme? It's a soup, like chicken broth but clear and reduced, where flavor is so intense it gives your taste buds a meltdown (..if only this would be possible).
Hussien's slide deck is like that, it's a piece of gold if you ask me. If I only had resource like that back in 2010/11.. oooh boy!

I met Hussien in Cairo/Egypt in 2012, since then he's my good friend but for most he is a great Mobile Packet Core Eng, who also recently joined Affirmed Networks - company I currently sweat blood for.

Have a look, follow him on SlideShare. His slides avail here http://www.slideshare.net/HussienMahmoud2/lte-epc-technology-essentials