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Jan 5, 2012

This is where it all start

For all you people who will come to this site (some day I hope), I will try to publish posts about LTE/4G technology, but not only.

Being totaly honest, my idea for this tech-blog is to create but mostly to gather materials that helped me achive level of knowledge on which I am now. Of course I will be puting links to sources other blogs or 3gpp docs. I wont be asking for permission, but I'm not a thief.

Why do I am doing it?
I started doing this after being send to Hungary to work  on EPC. I noticed that I have many free time, and would rather do something for myself and maybe for others who are always looking for info, rather than just drinking beer, or watching cat videos.

Oh, and one more thing. As you can see English is not my native language, so if any of you spot something disturbing in spelling, grammar or also will have doubts as to the substantive content please feel free to write them in comment or let me know about this by email.


  1. HI Barton,
    Thanks a lot for uploading such a very useful materials. It is very useful to me and I think others also. Please keep uploading latest materials. Also if possible please try to upload the code also, as it will help for better understanding. Please keep upload the following topics

    - Multiple PDN support
    - Dedicated bearers
    - QoS
    - CLI
    - IPv6 addressing support for UE
    - Deep Packet Inspection/ Shallow Packet Inspection
    - PMIPv6 based S5/S8
    - eMBMS Gateway
    - High Availability

    1. Hi Chandan,
      Thanks for support, it's very from you.
      I will try do my best on what you mentioned, stay tuned!
      Best /Bart

    2. HI Bart,

      I am just a newbie to this field. I liked you site. It is very helpful to me. However, as I am have just started learning about all this sometimes I get confused about what Dedicated bearer, IP flows, Binding etc means. I would like to know if you could provide me with some link or name any book where I would get the basics so that I can kick-start learning about LTE and IMS.

  2. Hi Barton,
    Just found your blog.Very helpful for kick-starting in LTE for a fresher like me.Thanks a ton for all this post.Have to visit your blog daily for updates.
    thanks in advance for all future posts.